Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Top Tips for Buying a Second-Hand LPG Car....

Now buying any second hand car requires a degree of caution, but even more so when it’s had a fuel conversion. However with a little patience, some knowledge and a bit of luck you should be able to get yourself a great runner without any of the hassle or costs associated with fitting an LPG kit yourself.
There are a number of benefits to purchasing an LPG car; save money on fuel costs, reduced carbon footprint and vehicle tax discounts.
Now before you go off into the big bad world of second hand car sales we would thoroughly recommend arming yourself with some relevant knowledge.
Handily here’s a list of our 4 top tips for buying a second hand LPG car:
1. Ask to see the LPGA Conversion Certificate before doing anything; the vehicle should have been converted by a reputable installer. If the LPG was factory fitted the V5 logbook will show this. This certificate will be necessary to get insurance and any tax reductions etc.
2. When it comes to insuring the vehicle different companies have different policies, although most won’t charge any extra for a LPG vehicle over 80% of insurance have stated that they will only insure vehicles with a LPGA certified conversion.
3.  If you intend to register the car for a discount on road tax then you should be aware that passing the criteria is based on the cars emissions for the year, and the year it was registered. Now in some cases it may not be worth getting too caught up in this, as the discount for LPG vehicles is usually only around £15-£20.
4. And just to be extra safe we would always ask to see the vehicles service history. LPG systems need to be serviced every year, and as you can imagine this might not always be carried out. If you have any concerns you could ask a LPGA certified installer to check the system over for you.
Now we know some of this seems a bit pernickety, and admittedly the advice above is by no means foolproof. But it is a start towards getting the right vehicle, and chances are you’ll be parting with quite a lot of money, so as clichéd as it is your ‘better safe than sorry’. Happy Shopping !!!


  1. Great tips! My father is exactly looking for a quality used car, because his old car got some problem and he wants to replace it. I think this tips are suited for him. Thanks for sharing!