Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Why you should convert to LPG!

With petrol prices on the increase and growing concerns about climate change, there has never been a better time to consider switching to LPG.
Our top five reasons to switch are:

1. LPG is paying for itself even quicker
Even though regular fuel prices have shot up dramatically, overall the cost of converting to LPG has fallen. For instance a vehicle running on LPG will see fuel bills reduced by around 40% and with the savings available when comparing petrol and LPG (on average 60p per litre) an LPG conversion is paying for itself far quicker than it used to.

2. Big increases in the number of LPG equipped petrol stations
Thanks to the growing number of LPG filling stations throughout the UK – around 1,500 and rising, it’s now pretty easy to travel round the country without having the worry about switching back to petrol. And for those of you that like to travel a bit further afield there are plenty of filling stations throughout Europe as well.

3. Cheap maintenance and servicing costs
Aside from having the recommended annual service, no other action should be necessary except maybe the occasional filter change. As LPG systems and technology are becoming more advanced, the product is becoming more reliable and easier to use.

4. LPG puts less stress on your engine and can actually help it run smoother.
LPG is a actually cleaner fuel than petrol due to the smaller molecules, as such there is a reduction in emissions including carbon dioxide. Not to mention the fact that cleaner fuels extend the life of your engine and can actually reduce the carbon footprint by over 15 %.

The greater advances in LPG technology are allowing the systems to keep up with any changes in new vehicle technology thus ensuring it is fully compatible with existing vehicle management systems.

5. It can be cheaper to insure
The majority of insurance companies now offer discounts on policies for vehicles running on LPG. However, it is extremely important to ensure you use a UKLPG approved installer such because insurance companies will require the converted vehicle to be registered on the UKLPG vehicle conversion database to which they have direct access. By making sure you use an approved installer you can ensure that the car is converted according to strict industry standards and will also receive a courtesy check-up after 100 miles.


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  2. Interesting article. Today, a lot of peoples use LPG in vehicles because the petrol prices are day by day increases. Now, I think the petrol price is around 74 RS. per liter in Mumbai. That's a main reason of peoples to converting in LPG. And the poor peoples are not pay every time this petrol cost. The LPG cost is low than petrol, using LPG you can save 40% money comparing with petrol. Now, LPG filling stations are increases. The maintenance of LPG vehicles has low and servicing cost also low to compare with petrol vehicles. And most important part of using LPG vehicles peoples has insurance companies now offer discounts on policies for vehicles running on LPG. Industry Analysis Reports