Monday, 28 November 2011

LPG Autogas: 6 questions you need answered!!!

Here at the LPG Tank we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the fitting of and living with LPG autogas.

What happens when I convert to LPG Autogas? 
When you get an LPG conversion or your vehicle - a new fuel system is added to the vehicle independent of the current one, the autogas system will require a separate fuel tank which can take up quite a lot of room (it usually replaces the spare wheel). Is LPG Autogas safe in a collision? Actually LPG is considerably safer than petrol or diesel. Many people believe that it’s more dangerous due to its gaseous state. When in fact its considerably safer as thanks to its extremely tough tank there is little chance of it ever making contact with oxygen – not to mention LPG tanks have numerous in built safety devices.

What sort of effect does LPG have on the environment?
Autogas is actually an extremely clean-burning fuel, so much so it is often classed as environmentally friendly. On average it produces around 20% less CO2 emissions when compared to petrol.

Are LPG prices going to rise like petrol and diesel?
Not only is LPG Autogas cheap it’s also environmentally friendly, which means that the government would far rather you used Autogas than petrol or diesel. This means that they will try and keep the taxes low thus keeping the price cheap.

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose if I have to drive for miles to refuel?
Actually there are well over 1500 Autogas refuelling stations throughout the UK now so you should never have to drive very far to fill up the tank.

Ok, but what if I run out of Autogas whilst I’m driving?
As long as you have some petrol/diesel in your tank there’s nothing to worry about. You can switch between the two fuels by flicking a switch. So as long as you keep some petrol in the car you shouldn’t experience any problems.

Hopefully we've managed to provide some useful answers, but if you have any questions that we haven't addressed then please feel free to leave us a comment and we'll get right back to you.


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